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Pension saving for self-employed persons

Protect your future as a self-employed with a supplementary pension. It’s a supplement to your small pension. Discover the KBC Keyman Benefit Plan

As a driven entrepreneur, you are not constantly thinking about the pension that you will receive at the end of your career. Nevertheless, it is interesting to look for extra pension capital well in advance. With a Personal Pension Plan, or PPP for short, you can provide yourself with a supplementary pension through your company in a tax-efficient way.

Who is eligible for the KBC Keyman Benefit Plan?

Not everyone can just take out a PPP. Only business managers are eligible for this kind of pension scheme. You must also receive a salary on a regular basis. If your work as a business manager is unpaid or you are only paid with dividends, you cannot build up a supplementary pension.

Enjoy up to 29% in tax relief

First and foremost, a PPP is a tax deductible company expense. Always keep in mind the condition that the insured amounts for your supplementary pension may not exceed the fiscal 80% rule.

And it doesn't stop there. Do you want to save extra taxes at the end of the financial year? Then deposit your PPP. Prepaid costs can only be deducted for tax purposes over the period to which they relate.

However, your PPP is a back contributions scheme that relates to the past. Past career years can be made up should your contributions have been less than the maximum amount during those years.

Can I combine the KBC Keyman Benefit Plan?

Yes you can! Your Personal Pension Plan can be combined with a Private Supplementary Pension for the Self-Employed (PSPS) or social PSPS. With a PSPS, your premium will hit a threshold of your net taxable income. This is not the case with a PPP.

Therefore, you can combine both and receive an optimised supplementary pension at the end of your working career.

KBC Keyman Benefit Plan