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The members are the heart and soul of an association. That is why it is important that every member is well aware of the safety measures and agreements. However, it is possible that your association or one of its members suffers damage, that an accident happens or that one of your members is responsible for damage to a third party.

Third party liability

Sometimes things can go wrong in the conduct of your business and result in loss or damage. The policy will compensate the party suffering loss on your behalf. Third-party liability insurance for your business therefore protects your company

Accidents at work

Anyone can become the victim of a workplace accident at any time. That’s why you, as a business owner and employer, are required by law to take out work accident insurance.


A personal accident insurance covers yourself, your partner and your children (including their playmates up to the age of 14) against the financial consequences of an accident.


If your association owns a building or has a long tenancy agreement, it is best to take out fire insurance for the damage that the building can incur. After all, as a tenant you are personally liable for the damage that you cause. Also don't forget to insure your household effects and equipment in the fire insurance.

Fire & other risks

This insurance is not only a fire insurance policy, but covers your movable and immovable property for various risks, including fire, vandalism and storms.


Insure your car, moped, caravan, quad, motorcycle, light transport or boat? With us you insure any vehicle against every risk.

Light goods vehicle (LGV)

This policy provides you with comprehensive cover when you are on the road: besides the compulsory third-party liability insurance, you can add various forms of cover ranging from assistance insurance to insurance for goods in transit.


Whether you opt for a compulsory third-party liability insurance or a fully comprehensive insurance with all the trimmings, or something in between? The choice is yours.


Are you driving on a public road with a motorcycle? Then take out the statutory third-party insurance, optionally expandable to comprehensive insurance, legal assistance and / or vehicle assistance.


Insure your class A and class B moped. You can take out the compulsory insurance only or opt for extras and enjoy extensive protection.


Whether you own an electric bike or mountain bike, this bicycle insurance covers your new two-wheeler worldwide against theft and damage.