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Water damage: prevention is better than cure

One of the most common causes of home damage is water. Belgian summers are becoming increasingly extreme: from intense hot weather to heavy downpours of rain. What is the best way to prevent this?

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A waterproof roof

Inspect your roof annually whether it is still watertight: check the roof coverings for damaged spots and loose or moved roof tiles. By all means, do not walk on the roof in very hot or cold weather when the roofing is a lot more fragile, possibly resulting in breakage. When in doubt, contact a roofer.

Clear gutters?

Clearing roof gutters may not be a chore you are looking forward to, but it can prevent a lot of distress. Remove branches, leaves or other debris from the gutter so that the water can drain freely.

It is advisable to clean the gutter once or twice a year and then immediately check for damage. If you aren’t keen on doing this kind of maintenance, then you can install a gutter guard. Please ask a professional for advice.