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You are moving! Think about these administrative steps.

Moving! It's fun and stressful at the same time. You can't wait to move into your new home, but first there's a lot of paperwork to do. And what about your insurance?

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Think before you act!

You can take care of most of your administration well in advance of your moving date. This is advisable, because when the time comes you can concentrate on the practical side of things.

Think about these things too:

  • Are you a tenant? Check the notice period in your lease and inform your landlord well in advance of your plans to move.
  • Will your children change schools or nurseries after the move? This should also be arranged well in advance.
  • Plan for help on the big day: professional movers are often in great demand. So plan ahead and book them 3 to 6 months in advance. Your friends and family will also appreciate it if they are informed in good time of the help you expect from them.
  • Inform everyone of your new address and the date of your move: your employer, telephone, TV and internet providers, gas, water and electricity company, bank, doctor, sports club, etc. Did you know that you can ask bpost to have your mail automatically delivered to your new address? It is also useful for the new occupants of your old address to know where you are going to live.
  • And of course we like to be informed too! Send us your new address by email to {globalset:agent: emailAdres}, so you will be temporarily insured for both addresses.

Moving with insurance

During your move, your home policy will continue to run temporarily. So don't worry about that.

On the other hand, look at the possible risks of the move itself.

Is your furniture still insured?

It depends on your home policy: do you have a policy that insures your furniture? Then damage to your furniture, appliances and other belongings on the way to your new address is also covered. We will be happy to check for you what your policy covers and offer you additional insurance if necessary.

Professional removal companies approved by the "Belgian Chamber of Movers" always have insurance that compensates for any damage. So make sure you ask before you book your mover.

Are your volunteers insured?

We don't wish it on you, but... what if something happens to one of the family members or friends who are helping you move? In this case, the personal accident insurance or the hospital insurance of the injured person comes into play.

Less serious, but just as annoying: what if one of your helpers causes damage or drops something? These cases fall under the family insurance of that person.

So check before moving day whether each of your helpers is covered. If this is not the case, we advise you to take out additional removal insurance.

After your move, consider the following

  • Take the electricity, gas and water meter readings at both addresses and pass them on to the company. Do this just before you close the door on your old house and as soon as you move into your new home.
  • Communicate your change of address to the commune. This is compulsory within 8 days of your move, but you can do it before that. Your mutual insurance company, pension office, tax office, social security office, etc. will then automatically receive your new address. To change the registration of your car, you have a little more time: this must be done within 14 days.
  • Come and see us to check your insurance. We will be happy to check which of your insurances need updating.

Chances are that your fire (or home) insurance policy will no longer be sufficient. The premium for your car insurance may also change if you move to an area where there are fewer car burglaries or where you will be driving fewer kilometres.

Do you have further questions about your planned move? Don't hesitate to contact to hear our reliable advice.

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The insurances from this article

These products are named in this article. Any questions? We will be happy to advise you. 

Personal Liability Insurance

Are you or a family member responsible for damage due to error or negligence to someone who can claim compensation? Personal Liability Insurance will protect you and your family, making it an indispensable part of anyone’s insurance portfolio.


Fire insurance or home insurance protects you against the financial risks in the event of damage to your home and household effects. Our home insurance policy covers much more than just fire damage.


A personal accident insurance covers yourself, your partner and your children (including their playmates up to the age of 14) against the financial consequences of an accident.