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Load up, turn on the engine and off you go. The ultimate freedom! With a mobile home or campervan - the smaller sister - you travel flexibly and comfortably at the same time. The best of both worlds, is that possible? Definitely. If you prepare yourself with these tips.

Moving! It's fun and stressful at the same time. You can't wait to move into your new home, but first there's a lot of paperwork to do. And what about your insurance?

To be clear: we love it when you drop by or give us a call. But we are also happy to point out the convenient digital options that complement our service. A word to the wise.

Remember the saying 'working from home is the norm'? That strict obligation has been behind us for a while, yet Corona has initiated definitive changes in this area. Teleworking is here to stay. But as a business owner, what should you think about when allowing your employees to work from home?

Is the Christmas tree already there? Or would you rather think about presents first? Whatever your end-of-year plans are, be sure to remember that this period is also one of the highlights of the year for burglars. On our festive menu, you will find unbeatable tips to prevent burglaries.

As the football madness erupts around the FIFA World Cup, wild rumours about what footballers do off the pitch are also resounding. Recurring topic of conversation: the exuberant sums that celebrities like Ronaldo pay for insurance on their clean-shaven legs.